Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dark Days Local Challenge, Winter Extension, Week 1

Thanks to an enthusiastic response, Laura over at Urban Hennery has extended the Dark Days Eat Local Challenge...

My mostly local meal for the week was tonight:
- Roast beef, top round from Stuart Family Farm in Bridgewater, CT. Delicious.
- Broccoli in a garlic, olive oil, & chicken broth. The garlic is local. Sorry to say, the broccoli was Bird's Eye.
- Semolina egg noodles with butter (Cabot, regional). Okay, so the semolina is not local. It's probably from North Dakota (which produces 2/3 of America's durum wheat. So, if you buy a box of pasta from Italy, it may very well have come from North Dakota). BUT--I'm hoping to get redemption points for making these noodles myself (yes, from prime ingredients: semolina, egg, olive oil)! (Plus, the egg I used came from McLaughlin's Vineyard's neighbor!)
- Wine, from McLaughlin Vineyards.

Looking forward to the nextie.

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