Tuesday, September 11, 2007

First Forage

Last Saturday (9/8) , we ventured out on a foraging trip to a local Farmer's Market.

Finding a convenient Farmer's Market is not as easy as you'd think. This is how the supermarkets suck you in--they're ubiquitous and nearly always open. One even lets you shop online and delivers the food to your door. But they say anything worth having is worth working for.

I Googled on ct farmers markets and found the CT Farm Fresh Web site listed a few links down. (What did we do before Google?) Using their map, I found several farmer's markets in the county. Most are open one or two days a week during normal business hours. Not a great convenience for working people. However, the Bethel Farmer's Market (the nearest one by a lot) is open on Saturdays!

So we went. I was impressed with the selection and the number of participating farms. There were tomatoes, lettuces, kale, apples, peppers, onions, more tomatoes, herbs, pies, and much more. I picked a good week for my first forage! The prices were reasonable and for the most part, the quality was super. I left with cilantro, tomatoes, and McIntosh apples. Very happy.

I titled this post First Forage, although this is not my first-ever visit to a farmer's market; it is the first deliberate forage since reading Kingsolver's book. I still need to find a market that will solve my "putting by" issues. I also am on the lookout for (egads) meat!

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Catherine Grace, CHS said...

Here are two more suggestions: Mr. Burdick grows the most fantastic corn you will ever find. Though the corn season may be over, put him on your list for next year. Believe me, you will *love* it! He's located on Mill town Road in Brewster (between Rte. 22 and Federal Hill Road, which is on Terri's way to the convent - hint-hint!). He also has tomatoes and squash -- all organic.

The second idea is the Brewster farmers' market, just at Rte. 6 and Main Street, Wednesdays and Saturdays. We may show there occasionally with maple syrup, if the season is good!

I think your plan is terrific, by the way, and we all look forward to hearing how it goes!