Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Like Peapod, but not

In a previous post, I expressed envy that a particular supermarket has a delivery service. You order groceries from their Web site and they bring it to your door. That's one of the perqs of living in the 21st century. Oh that local, sustainably-grown foods came with the same convenience.

As it happens, there are a few such services:
My Personal Farmers works with a number of local NY farms and will deliver anywhere in Westchester County, NY. Since I don't live in Westchester County, I cannot use the service and am therefore unable to provide a review or any guidance whatsoever. It does seem like a very cool thing. I invite anyone with any experience with this service to share their experiences in the comments.

Organic Connection in Brewster, NY delivers to Westchester and Putnam counties in NY and Fairfield County in CT. How excited am I?!
More on this service once I've had a chance to try it out.


Catherine Grace, CHS said...

Organic Connections also has a store, on Rte. 6 just east of the Main Street intersection (right by the I-84 overpass). We've used them for several years, and they do a terrific job. So does Chamomille, at Exit 8 on I-84.

Happy shopping!

Sophie said...

Ooops! Of course you can shop at
Organic Connection
. Map here.

Yes, I like Chamomile too, but I can't find a Web site for them.